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How to setup Batavia in Eclipse
  1. Create a Java project called batavia in your workspace. Set source to src and output foler to build
  2. Right click on the project select Team -> Share Project ...
  3. Fill out the form with the appropriate values.
    (, path=/cvsroot/batavia, user=anonymous, no password, connection type=pserver) This will check out the sources
  4. Because of network performance I do not keep the jars/libraries in CVS. You can get the most up-to-date sources by downloading batavia and copying the jar files to your workspace. You must exclude batavia.jar and b-i18n.jar. You also need to copy junit.jar to your workspace.
  5. Refresh your workspace and add the jars to the build path
  6. You are done. If you have any problems feel free to ask me.

April 23, 2005
Documentation browsable online

March 4, 2005
Batavia 0.72 is released

Dec 31, 2004
New plugins available for download via plugin manager

Dec 30, 2004
New homepage!

Dec 28, 2004
Webstart version now works correctly with plugins!

Dec 27, 2004
Batavia 0.69 available for download