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Icon based directory view


The goal of this subproject to provide a new directory view for Batavia. Files and directories should be displayed as icons like in windows explorer or Konqueror(KDE/Linux)

  • The user should be able to change to another directory by double clicking on a directory icon

  • The view should be able to accept drag & drop style copying. In this case most of the functionality will be handled by existing code

  • The view should have icons for navigation: back, forward and up

  • Other icons should be provided for search, delete, etc. Also mostly handled by existing code.

  • Additional information should be displayed if user hovers the mouse over a file or directory

  • Sorting functionality(optional)

  • Path of current directory should be displayed at top of window and should be editable

  • thumbnail icons for images(jpeg, gif, png, etc) and for other files (optional)

  • Additional features to make it more user friendly

Implementation details

  • Code exists for coying, moving, deleting files

  • The implementation should call the existing methods with appropriate parameters (Documentation will be provided)

  • If possible junit test should be provided in the test directory. The package of the test class and the class under test should be in the same package.

  • The code should follow Sun's Java coding convention

  • Documentation should be provided for Each class.

  • Not all methods need to be documented. Eg getters/setters can be skipped.

  • Usage of design patterns are preferred eg MVC


April 23, 2005
Documentation browsable online

March 4, 2005
Batavia 0.72 is released

Dec 31, 2004
New plugins available for download via plugin manager

Dec 30, 2004
New homepage!

Dec 28, 2004
Webstart version now works correctly with plugins!

Dec 27, 2004
Batavia 0.69 available for download