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Image viewer


The goal of this subproject to provide a component for Batavia which can be used to view pictures/images without opening a third party application. It is similar to the quick view feature of Norton and Midnight commanders.

  • If the user clicks on an image in a filesystem view this component should display the image

  • The user can choose a filesystem view to link with this image viewer.

  • Various image operation like: zoominng, flipping, etc. (this is optional)

Implementation details

  • When the user selects a filesystem view to link with, the component should register an Event Listener with the filesystem view. The fileHighlighted(IFile) method should be implemented to update the image.

  • If the file selected by the user is not an image, the code should do nothing

  • SUN' s coding convention has to be followed

  • Documentation should be provided at least on class level

  • Usage of Junit tests and design patterns are preferred if applicable


April 23, 2005
Documentation browsable online

March 4, 2005
Batavia 0.72 is released

Dec 31, 2004
New plugins available for download via plugin manager

Dec 30, 2004
New homepage!

Dec 28, 2004
Webstart version now works correctly with plugins!

Dec 27, 2004
Batavia 0.69 available for download