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Reimplementation of the plugin manager window


Currently there is a very basic plugin manager for Batavia. This plugin manager has to ability to start/stop and download plugins. The goal of this subproject is to provide a completely new implementation of the plugin manager. It should be user friendly and stable (the current implementation suffers from many bugs)

  • The user should be able to download plugins

  • Progress window with progress bar, start, stop pause and with resume buttons

  • If the download fails for some reasons like network failure the user still should be able to continue downloading the plugin without restarting it (like wget -c does on UNIX)

  • The user should be able to start and stop plugins

  • Information about downloaded plugins should be displayed

  • Information about plugins that can be downloaded should be displayed

Implementation details

  • Existing code can be copied, but the implementation should be based on a new code

  • When downloading the plugin manager should be able to handle dependencies if applicable

  • The application should not crash if the plugin has problem during startup or shutdown

  • Also downloading should be running as a background task to avoid crashes

  • Management of loading, starting, stopping plugins are already exists and should be used


April 23, 2005
Documentation browsable online

March 4, 2005
Batavia 0.72 is released

Dec 31, 2004
New plugins available for download via plugin manager

Dec 30, 2004
New homepage!

Dec 28, 2004
Webstart version now works correctly with plugins!

Dec 27, 2004
Batavia 0.69 available for download