Change Drive/Directory Combo Box

You can quickly change into common directories or the root of drives with the Change Drive/Directory Combo Box.

The following button can be found at the top left-hand corner of each pane:   Click this button to display a combo box containing common locations in the file system.  Click a selection in the combo box to change into that directory in the corresponding pane.

In Linux, the / option will be visible.  Clicking this option will change into the root of the file system.

In Windows, the drive letters will be visible (e.g., "C:\").  Clicking a drive letter will change into the root directory of the specified drive letter.

The ~ option changes into the home directory.  In Linux, this directory is commonly /home/username/.  In Windows, this directory is commonly C:\Documents and Settings\username\.

The . option changes into the current working directory of the Batavia executable.