Adding and Managing Plugins

Batavia is an extensible file manager.  Batavia's functionality can be expanded with third-party plugins.

To increase Batavia's functionality or appearance with a plugin, click the Plugins pulldown menu and click Plugin Manager.

To see a list of plugins available on the internet, click the Refresh button.  To install a plugin from the update list, click the desired plugin to select it (hold the CTRL key to select several plugins) and click the Install button.

Installed plugins appear in the bottom pane.  Installed plugins can be started or stopped at any time by selecting the installed plugin from the bottom pane and clicking Start or Stop.  Other plugin control buttons are available from this window as well.

Some plugins may add new functionality to Batavia's operating behaviour.  New features can sometimes be bound to keystrokes.  Keyboard mappings can be configured in the Options menu.